Kubota B7200 HST 4wd



Arlington Tractors

Very nice Kubota B7200 4wd diesel tractor, with HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION. Runs great, has cat.1, 3 pt. Hitch, 540 pto, locking differential, good brakes. It is ready to go. Call mike at 901-690-9483 or john at 901-483-3911. $4550.00






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1 Response to Kubota B7200 HST 4wd

  1. Brian says:

    I am looking for something like the Ford 7708, yanmar 2200 or the Kubota 175 etc. I have 10 acreas and would like a tractor with 4×4 with bucket and finish mower but will settle with 2×4. Please e-mail me with avaiable tractors or what might be avaiable soon. You can contact me at 901-628-3113 also to discuss.


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